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Toying With Lego Blocks Is An Opportunity To Explore About Structural Engineering

The enthralling world of Structural engineering is a subject and profession that has intrigued and enthralled many for eons. It is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the structural integrity and strength of a building or structure and ensures it won’t collapse under applied stresses and pressures of its environment. It can relate to anything from buildings to bridges and even dams etc.

Structural engineering is one of the oldest types of engineering, dating back to when tree branches were tied together with vines to make a crude shelter or raft. As life progressed and man and his tools became more and more advanced, he designed and built increasingly larger and more sophisticated structures, from primitive huts to the International Space Station.

In a nutshell, structural engineers often work alongside civil engineers and architects as part of a construction team and concentrate on the skeleton and sinew of the structure while the others look after the outer appearance and aesthetics. Structural engineers are experts at solving problems, meeting challenges, and providing creative solutions.

The structure that is built has to be able to withstand the conditions in which it exists. And hence technical advice is given only once all factors such as forces of nature, environment, variables, limitations of materials available, and the human factor has been duly considered. Only then can they offer you masterpieces of outstanding structure.

Structural engineering includes an in-depth understanding of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It is important to be able to calculate how different materials will perform under tension, various environmental conditions, corrosive substances, radiation, or even plain ole’ passing time. Proficiency with computers is essential to speed up the output of design and modifications which are always necessary.

The most basic and easily available lesson in structural engineering that all of us have attempted knowingly or unknowingly is through the play of LEGO® Education. These timeless building blocks have taught us many a skill related to this field. Experimenting and toying around with Lego presents a hands-on opportunity to learn rudimentary structural engineering and pose questions akin to those examined by experts. One learns scaling or building to scale which is the hallmarks of Lego bricks.

LEGO® Learning System, SPIKE™ Prime has lessons for all levels from entry-level to advanced. It encourages the learner to think critically, analyze data, and prototype creative hands-on solutions for complex problems with real-world relevance. This system combines colorful LEGO building elements, easy-to-use hardware, and intuitive coding with STEAM learning units that are easily adaptable to any learning environment. This intuitive LEGO® Learning System is so adaptable that it offers solutions that work with or without technology. You can implement the system in its entirety or introduce individual solutions gradually. This makes it so easy for you and your students to get going and start learning.