Science is the study of natural phenomena that occur around us, while technology is created basis the understanding of science and provides a means to solving some of the problems. As newer areas of sciences are studied by scientists & researchers, the wider scope there is to apply technology and find solutions. Science and technology thereby complement each other and can be of great help in solving some grave problems the world is going through today.

Climate Change:

As we know it, the globe is becoming hotter than ever before, and long-term shifts in temperature patterns are being witnessed across continents. In the year 2022, NASA recorded the Earth’s temperature as the fifth warmest with an increase of 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit as compared to the usual. Due to the excess heat waves, droughts are happening, sea levels are changing drastically, forest fires are intensifying, and the snow-clad Arctic region has ice melting away. The Middle East is notorious for being considered as one of the hottest regions in the world and in August 2022, Iran’s temperature rose to 53°C which is indeed too hot to handle. Human activities have a direct impact on climate change. Let us reiterate some of our actions that are causing rising temperatures; cutting down forests & trees, high consumption of electricity, emission of harmful gases through factories, vehicular pollution, and so on.


  • We know that greenhouse gases trap the sunlight and reflect it back into space, thereby protecting Earth. But the layer of greenhouse gases is becoming thinner by the day. However, with the advent of technology, Solar Geoengineering can be applied. In this method, tiny particles of Sulfate aerosols are sprayed into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight away from Earth. There are several pros and cons of this method and engineers are still studying how to best implement it without further damaging Earth.
  • Digitalization and high-speed 5G data application has improved the prospects of working from home, especially post the Covid-19 phase. Working remotely eliminates the need to travel to and fro from the office, thereby reducing carbon emissions that are emitted by vehicles and lowering pollution levels.
  • CO2 or Carbon Dioxide in the air has increased by a stunning 50% due to industrialization. To reduce CO2 emissions the Net Zero Teesside (NZT) project in the UK is being tried out. Via this exercise, CO2 emissions are captured and carried in pipelines to storage areas that are far away from land (beneath the ocean). By this method, CO2 will not have any adverse effect on the environment and can even be used to produce some alternative fuel for cars in the future.

Global Health Crisis:

Who would have ever imagined a lockdown of the entire world due to a virus that causes rampant deaths across the globe? WHO reported around 3.3 million deaths due to COVID and we are not even done battling with it, as new variants keep emerging from somewhere. Other than COVID we also have HIV, EBOLA, Cancer, and Heart Diseases to deal with. The five main factors for premature deaths are; increased use of tobacco, lack of physical fitness, overconsumption of alcohol, improper diet, and pollution.


  • Remote Patient Monitoring is the latest technology discovery to treat patients from rural areas who have no access to proper medical facilities. The patient uses mobile monitoring devices to capture adequate data and send it to healthcare experts. By systematically capturing patient data, the physician can do a better diagnosis and treat the patient well. The software for Remote Patient Monitoring is being developed in full swing with the support of the UAE Government so that it can be made accessible to all.
  • Mobile-friendly health apps are a huge boon to today’s digital-savvy patients. It allows one to have a remote conversation with doctors where medicines can be prescribed online, instead of having to visit the clinic. If a clinical diagnosis is required, you can even book an appointment online with the doctor and arrive at the scheduled time conveniently. Pathology labs are providing door-step services and discounts to those who book their services via the mobile app.
  • Robotic surgery is a form of advanced surgical procedure that treats injuries and saves many lives, especially for patients who have undergone an accident. By following a minimally invasive technique, the surgeon can perform the procedure quickly and the patient is made to feel as painless as possible, such that the post-surgery recovery is faster.

Children are the future torchbearers of our Globe and it is wise to educate them about Global problems early on in their learning journey. In an attempt to do so, the LEGO® Education platform introduces kids to play-way methods covering important STEM topics which help in solving real-world problems by applying principles taught by the educator in schools across GCC. Let us empower our children to be superheroes and find solutions to unanswered questions by making a start in their classrooms, using the LEGO® Education BricQ Motion module.